Principle Investigator

Assistant Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science & Department of Applied Physics

Postdoc: Kavli Fellow, Physics, UC Berkeley (2020 – 2023)

Ph.D.: Nuclear Science and Engineering, MIT (2020)

B.S.: Physics, Peking University (2013)

Current members

Fangyuan Liu

Postdoc, MEMS

Ph.D.: Materials Science, University of Connecticut (2023)

M.S.: Chemistry, Jilin University (2017)

B.S.: Chemistry, Jilin University (2014)

Research interest: Aberration-corrected TEM, in-situ TEM, electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) investigation for nanomaterials and 2D materials, and their application in catalysis and electronic devices.

Zhenping Wang

Postdoc, MEMS

Ph.D.: Freie Universität Berlin (2020)

M.S: Shanghai Normal University (2014)

B.S.: Taiyuan Institute of Technology (2011)

Research interest: 2D materials, their heterostructures, and nanoelectronic devices

Luna Liu

Graduate student, Applied Physics

B.S.: Physics, The University of British Columbia (2023)

Research interest

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Xinyue Li

Graduate student, Applied Physics

B.S.: Physics, Rice University (2023)

Research interest

More about me

Vinni Yu

Undergraduate student, Mechanical Engineering ('26)

Tianyu Liang

Visiting undergraduate student, Physics, Peking University ('24)

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