PPRP – a new open-access publication scheme

Scientific community creates the most frontier knowledge of human kind, while its scholarly communication method is surprisingly lagging behind the modern age. The concepts of social network (which is already decades old) or decentralized managing system (like block chain) have neither been adopted nor even been tested in scholarly communications, while we still preserve a centralized publishing scheme which is over 300 years old (a.k.a. peer-review journal publishing). This proposal is an advocate of a new kind of scientific publishing scheme, "arXiv + public peer review", to address the issues and to be a complement of the current peer review system. 

The following document is a draft white paper proposed by Fanny and I when we were in MIT. Any comments and collaborations for improving this idea will be very much appreciated! Please contact me if you would like to be a contributor.

Contributor list (keep growing):

Cong Su (UC Berkeley), Fanny Li (Stanford), Akira Sone (Los Alamos National Lab)

Proposal: Public Peer Review Platform

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